Step One

NCCER has worked directly with military trainers and construction industry representatives to develop task-based alignments for the Army MOS codes located on the right side of the screen and below. Click on any of the MOS codes to learn about the free NCCER credentials you will receive if you have ever held that MOS code.

If your MOS code is not listed, click your rank under the “rank-based alignments” button to learn about the free NCCER credentials you will receive based on your rank. 

Step Two

After reviewing the page related to your MOS code or rank, it is time to submit for credentials. You can do this by clicking the red “Submit For Credit Here” button located at the bottom of every page, or you may simply apply now by clicking here: ARMY CREDENTIAL APPLICATION.

Please review the application to make sure you are submitting the required documentation needed for NCCER to verify your years of service.

Step Three

NCCER will review your application and, if approved, we will enter you into our online database, known as the NCCER Registry. We will send you an email with your NCCER ID number and a temporary password, which will allow you to go into your profile and update it.  Trainers and employers in the construction industry use the NCCER Registry to verify credentials. You will be able to provide your NCCER ID number when applying  jobs or registering for classes.

Once your application is received, it will take two weeks for us to review the application and process your credentials.