In addition to your initial 12P20 training, you can receive various level*  and module* completions for Electrical, Power Generation Maintenance Electrician and Industrial Maintenance Mechanic PLUS an additional 11 modules* in the following craft* areas: Power Line Worker: Substation and Electronic Systems Technician. In the chart below, an X next to a module indicates you are eligible to receive credit for that module.

If an X does not appear next to a module then additional training is required for the craft level* completion. Each module builds upon one another to accomplish a level completion and this information is tracked in NCCER’s Registry System.  An industry- recognized credential* is awarded with level completions and each craft usually has three to four levels.

*Refer to NCCER’s definitions located on the right side of the screen to fully understand these terms.

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

NCCER’s four-level curriculum covers topics such as Oxyfuel Cutting, Introduction to Piping Components, and Laser Alignment.

CraftLevelModule IDModule TitleCredit
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132101-07Orientation to the Trade
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132102-07Tools of the Tradex
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132103-07Fasteners and Anchorsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132104-07Oxyfuel Cuttingx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132105-07Gaskets and Packingx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132106-07Craft-Related Mathematicsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132107-07Construction Drawingsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132108-07Pumps and Driversx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132109-07Valvesx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132110-07Introduction to Test Equipment
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132111-07Material Handling and Hand Riggingx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132112-07Mobile and Support Equipment
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic132113-07Lubricationx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232201-07Basic Layout
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232202-07Introduction to Piping Componentsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232203-07Copper and Plastic Piping Practicesx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232204-07Introduction to Ferrous Metal Piping Practicesx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232205-07Identify, Install and Maintain Valvesx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232206-07Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232207-07Introductions to Bearingsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232208-07Low-Pressure Steam Systemsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232209-07High-Pressure Steam Systems and Auxiliaries
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232210-07Distillation Towers and Vessels
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232211-07Heaters, Furnaces, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and Fin Fansx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic232212-07Introduction to Tube Workx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332301-08Advanced Trade Mathx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332302-08Precision Measuring Toolsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332303-08Installing Bearingsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332304-08Installing Couplingsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332305-08Setting Baseplates and Prealignmentx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332306-08Conventional Alignmentx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332307-08Installing Belt and Chain Drivesx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic332308-08Installing Mechanical Sealsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432401-09Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432402-09Advanced Blueprint Reading
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432403-09Compressors and Pneumatic Systems
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432404-09Reverse Alignment
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432405-09Laser Alignment
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432406-09Introduction to Supervisory Skillsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432407-09Troubleshooting and Repairing Pumpsx
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic432408-09Troubleshooting and Repairing Gearboxesx

Power Generation Maintenance Electrician

This four-level curriculum covers topics including Gaskets and Packing, Vibration and Balancing, and Fuel Preparation and Delivery Equipment.

Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140102-07Tools for the Tradex
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140103-07Fasteners and Anchorsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140104-07Oxyfuel Cuttingx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140105-07Gaskets and Packingx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140106-07Craft-Related Mathematicsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140107-07Construction Drawingsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140108-07Pumps and Driversx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140109-07Valvesx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140110-07Introduction to Test Instrumentsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140111-07Material Handling and Hand Riggingx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140112-07Mobile and Support Equipmentx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 140113-07Lubricationx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 129107-09SMAW Equipment and Setupx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240201-08Industrial Safety for E & I Techniciansx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 226501-09Managing Electrical Hazardsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240202-08Introduction to the National and Electrical Codex
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240203-08Electrical Theoryx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240204-08Alternating Currentx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240303-09E&I Drawingsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240205-08E & I Test Equipmentx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240304-09Motor Controlsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240311-09Hydraulic Controlsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240312-09Pneumatic Controlsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240409-09Programmable Logic Controllersx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240212-08Conductors and Cablesx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 240213-08Conductor Terminations and Splicesx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326206-08Conductor Installationsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326207-08Cable Trayx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326209-08Ground and Bondingx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340208-08Hand Bending
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340310-09Machine Bending of Conduit
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326203-08Electric Lightingx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326303-08Practical Applications of Lighting
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340301-09Hazardous Locations
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326210-08Circuit Breakers and Fusesx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340303-09Transformer Applications
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340305-09Distribution Equipment
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 350301-11Power Plant Electrical Systemsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340307-09Conductor Selection and Calculations
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326202-08Motors: Theory and Applicationx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326202-08Motor-Operated Valves
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 326211-08Control Systems and Fundamental Conceptsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 340308-09Temporary Grounding
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426301-08Load Calculations- Branch and Feeder Circuitsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426309-08Motor Calculationsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426305-08Overcurrent Protectionx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426406-08Specialty Transformersx
Industrial Maintenance E & I426407-08Advanced Controlsx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426410-08Motor Operation and Maintenancex
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 450401-10Generator Maintenancex
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 450402-11Switchgear and Breaker Maintenancex
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 432401-09Preventative and Predictive Maintanence
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426411-08Medium Voltage Termination/Splicesx
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426405-08Fire Alarm System
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 426409-08Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection
Power Gen Maintenance Electrician 440401-09Standby and Emergency Systems


To prepare trainees for a career in the electrical field, NCCER offers a comprehensive, four-level Electrical curriculum that complies with DOL time-based standards for apprenticeship.

Electrical126101-14Orientation to the Electrical Tradex
Electrical126102-14Electrical Safetyx
Electrical126103-14Introduction to Electrical Circuitsx
Electrical126104-14Electrical Theoryx
Electrical126205-14Introduction to the National Electrical Code¬x
Electrical126106-14Device Boxesx
Electrical126107-14Hand Bendingx
Electrical126108-14Raceways and Fittingsx
Electrical126109-14Conductors and Cablesx
Electrical126110-14Basic Electrical Construction Drawingsx
Electrical126111-14Residential Electrical Systemsx
Electrical126112-14Electrical Test Equipmentx
Electrical226201-14Alternating Currentx
Electrical226202-14Motors: Theory and Applicationx
Electrical226203-14Electric Lighting
Electrical226204-14Conduit Bendingx
Electrical226205-14Pull and Junction Boxesx
Electrical226206-14Conductor Installationsx
Electrical226207-14Cable Trayx
Electrical226208-14Conductor Terminations and Splicesx
Electrical226209-14Grounding and Bondingx
Electrical226210-14Circuit Breakers and Fusesx
Electrical226211-14Control Systems and Fundamental Concepts
Electrical326301-14Load Calculations - Branch and Feeder Circuitsx
Electrical326302-14Conductor Selection and Calculationsx
Electrical326303-14Practical Applications of Lighting
Electrical326304-14Hazardous Locations
Electrical326305-14Overcurrent Protectionx
Electrical326306-14Distribution Equipment
Electrical326308-14Commercial Electrical Services
Electrical326309-14Motor Calculationsx
Electrical326310-14Voice, Data and Video
Electrical326311-14Motor Controlsx
Electrical426401-14Load Calculations - Feeders and Servicesx
Electrical426402-14Health Care Facilities
Electrical426403-14Standby and Emergency Systemsx
Electrical426404-14Basic Electronic Theory
Electrical426405-14Fire Alarm Systems
Electrical426406-14Specialty Transformersx
Electrical426407-14Advanced Controlsx
Electrical426408-14HVAC Controls
Electrical426409-14Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection
Electrical426410-14Motor Operation and Maintenancex
Electrical426411-14Medium-Voltage Terminations/Splices
Electrical426412-14Special Locations
Electrical446101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

Power Line Worker: Substation

Power Line Worker Level One addresses the fundamental aspects of power line work to include safety, electrical theory, climbing techniques, aerial framing and rigging, and operating utility service equipment. After Level One, this training program diverges into the three specialty areas for two additional years of skills training.

Power Line Worker: Substation282201-12Introduction to Substationsx
Power Line Worker: Substation226501-12Managing Electrical Hazardsx
Power Line Worker: Substation280201-12Alternating Current and Three-Phase Systems
Power Line Worker: Substation282202-12Conductors and Cablesx
Power Line Worker: Substation226207-11Cable Tray
Power Line Worker: Substation226204-11Conduit Bendingx
Power Line Worker: Substation226206-11Conductor Installations
Power Line Worker: Substation226208-11Conductor Terminations and Splicing
Power Line Worker: Substation282203-12Grounding Systemsx
Power Line Worker: Substation222016-12Grades
Power Line Worker: Substation2082204-12Concrete Work
Power Line Worker: Substation282205-12Mechanical Construction Methods and Materials
Power Line Worker: Substation238201-11Intermediate Rigging
Power Line Worker: Substation340308-09Temporary Grounding
Power Line Worker: Substation382301-12Advanced Drawing Reading
Power Line Worker: Substation382302-12Medium and High Voltage Equipment Installationx
Power Line Worker: Substation382303-12Control House
Power Line Worker: Substation382304-12Connectors, Conductor Terminations and Splicingx
Power Line Worker: Substation382305-12Equipment Testing and Maintenancex
Power Line Worker: Substation382306-12System Protection and Controlx
Power Line Worker: Substation346101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadership
Power Line Worker: Transmission280201-11Alternating Current and Three-Phase Systems
Power Line Worker: Transmission281201-11Transmission Structure Rigging
Power Line Worker: Transmission281202-11Transmission Structure Erection
Power Line Worker: Transmission281203-11Transmission Structure Installation
Power Line Worker: Transmission281204-11Transmission System Maintenance

Additional Topics

Module credit can be earned within these different topics. Some of these modules are related to craft levels while others are standalone credentials.

Electronic Systems Technician133106-10Hand Bending of Conduitx
Electronic Systems Technician133107-10Introduction to the National Electrical Codex