You can receive credit for your initial E1-E4 training plus an additional 2 modulesin the following supervisory areas: Fundamentals of Crew Leadership and Mentoring for Craft Professionals. An X indicates module credit that aligns with your military rank.

If an X does not appear next to a module then additional training is required for the craft level*completion. Each module builds upon one another to accomplish a level completion and this information is tracked in NCCER’s Registry System.  An industry- recognized credential*is awarded with level completions and each craft usually has three to four levels.

*Refer to NCCER’s definitions located on the right side of the screen to fully understand these terms.

Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

This is a one-module curriculum teaches the skills needed to be an effective leader including the ability to communicate effectively, provide directions to a crew and effectively plan and schedule the work of a crew.

Fundamentals of Crew LeadershipN/A46101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadershipx

Mentoring for Craft Professionals

The Mentoring for Craft Professionals curriculum is an important addition to NCCER’s workforce development training. The exchange in knowledge and guidance from those who are more experienced has been an important part of craft training and apprenticeship. This curriculum provides formal guidance to the craft professional entering a mentorship role.

Mentoring for Craft ProfessionalsN/A46102-16Mentoring for Craft Professionalsx