You can receive credit for NCCER’s Core curriculum plus an additional 41 modules*in the following craft*areas: Carpentry, Masonry, Concrete Finishing, Sheet Metal, Sustainable Construction and Safety Technology. An X indicates module credit that aligns with your military specialty.

If an X does not appear next to a module then additional training is required for the craft level*completion. Each module builds upon one another to accomplish a level completion and this information is tracked in NCCER’s Registry System.  An industry- recognized credential*is awarded with level completions and each craft usually has three to four levels.

*Refer to NCCER’s definitions located on the right hand-side of the screen to fully understand these terms.


NCCER's Core curriculum is a prerequisite to all other Level 1 craft curriculum and gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft area he or she chooses.

CoreN/A00101-15Basic Safetyx
CoreN/A00102-15Introduction to Construction Mathx
CoreN/A00103-15Introduction to Hand Toolsx
CoreN/A00104-15Introduction to Power Toolsx
CoreN/A00105-15Introduction to Construction Drawingsx
CoreN/A00106-15Introduction to Basic Rigging(optional)
CoreN/A00107-15Basic Communication Skillsx
CoreN/A00108-15Basic Employability Skillsx
CoreN/A00109-15Introduction to Material Handlingx


This four-level curriculum covers content such as Building Materials, Cabinet Fabrication, and Advanced Wall Systems.

CraftLevelModuleTitle Credit
Carpentry127101-13Orientation to the Tradex
Carpentry127102-13Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesivesx
Carpentry127103-13Hand and Power Toolsx
Carpentry127104-13Introduction to Construction Drawings
Carpentry127105-13Floor Systemsx
Carpentry127111-13Wall Systemsx
Carpentry127112-13Ceiling Joist and Roof Framingx
Carpentry127110-13Basic Stair Layoutx
Carpentry127109-13Introduction to Building Envelope Systemsx
Carpentry227201-13Commercial Drawings
Carpentry227202-13Roofing Applicationsx
Carpentry227203-13Thermal and Moisture Protection
Carpentry227204-13Exterior Finishingx
Carpentry227205-13Cold-Formed Steel Framingx
Carpentry227206-13Drywall Installation
Carpentry227207-13Drywall Finishing
Carpentry227208-13Doors and Door Hardwarex
Carpentry227209-13Suspended Ceilings
Carpentry227210-13Window, Door, Floor and Ceiling Trimx
Carpentry227211-13Cabinet Installation
Carpentry327303-14Properties of Concretex
Carpentry338101-11Rigging Equipment
Carpentry338102-11Rigging Practices
Carpentry327306-14Trenching and Excavating
Carpentry327304-14Reinforcing Concretex
Carpentry327307-14Foundations and Slab-on-Gradex
Carpentry327308-14Vertical Formwork
Carpentry327309-14Horizontal Formwork
Carpentry327305-14Handling and Placing Concretex
Carpentry327310-14Tilt-up Wall Panels
Carpentry427401-14Site Layout One - Differential Leveling
Carpentry427402-14Site Layout Two - Angular and Distance Measurements
Carpentry427403-14Advanced Roof Systems
Carpentry427404-14Advanced Wall Systemsx
Carpentry427405-14Advanced Stair Systemsx
Carpentry427406-14Introduction to Construction Equipment
Carpentry427407-14Introduction to Oxyfuel Cutting and Arc Welding
Carpentry427409-14Site Preparation
Carpentry446101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadership


This three-level curriculum encompasses modules such as Mortar, Metalwork in Masonry and Estimating.

Masonry128101-13Introduction to Masonryx
Masonry128106-13Masonry Safetyx
Masonry128102-13Masonry Tools & Equipmentx
Masonry128103-13Measurements, Drawings, and Specificationsx
Masonry128105-13Masonry Units and Installation Techniques
Masonry228201-14Residential Plans and Drawing Interpretation
Masonry228202-14Residential Masonry
Masonry228203-14Reinforced Masonryx
Masonry228204-14Masonry Openings and Metalwork
Masonry228205-14Advanced Laying Techniquesx
Masonry228206-14Effect of Climate on Masonry
Masonry228207-14Construction Inspection and Quality Control
Masonry328301-14Elevated Masonry
Masonry328302-14Specialized Materials and Techniques
Masonry328303-14Repair and Restoration
Masonry328304-14Commercial Drawings
Masonry328306-14Site Layout - Distance Measurement and Leveling
Masonry328308-14Stone Masonry
Masonry346101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

Concrete Finishing

This two-level curriculum covers a range of specific content such as the characteristics of concrete, using concrete as a building material and the process of curing concrete.

Concrete Finishing123101Introduction to Concrete Construction and Finishingx
Concrete Finishing123102Safety Requirementsx
Concrete Finishing123103Properties of Concretex
Concrete Finishing123104Tools and Equipmentx
Concrete Finishing123105Preparing for Placementx
Concrete Finishing123106Placing Concretex
Concrete Finishing123107Finishing, Part Onex
Concrete Finishing123108Curing and Protecting Concretex
Concrete Finishing123109Introduction to Troubleshootingx
Concrete Finishing223201Properties of Concrete, Part Twox
Concrete Finishing223202Estimating Concrete Quantitiesx
Concrete Finishing223203Formingx
Concrete Finishing223204Site Concrete
Concrete Finishing223205Architectural Finishes
Concrete Finishing223206Industrial Floors
Concrete Finishing223207Superflat Floors
Concrete Finishing223208Surface Treatments
Concrete Finishing223209Quality Control
Concrete Finishing223210Making Repairsx

Additional Topics

Module credit can be earned within these different topics. Some of these modules are related to craft levels while others are standalone credentials.

Sheet Metal204202-08Plans and Specificationsx
Sustainable ConstructionN/A70101-15Your Role In the Green Environmentx
Safety TechnologyV575218-03Environmental Awarenessx