Your military specialty is NCCER recognized and translates to 23 modules* of credit in the following craft* areas: Core, Plumbing, Sprinkler Fitting, Sustainable Construction and Safety Technology. In the chart below, an X next to a module indicates you are eligible to receive credit for that module.

If an X does not appear next to a module then additional training is required for the craft level* completion. Each module builds upon one another to accomplish a level completion and this information is tracked in NCCER’s Registry System.  An industry- recognized credential* is awarded with level completions and each craft usually has three to four levels.

*Refer to NCCER’s definitions located on the right side of the screen to fully understand these terms.


NCCER's Core curriculum is a prerequisite to all other Level 1 craft curriculum and gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft area he or she chooses.

CoreN/A00101-15Basic Safety
CoreN/A00102-15Introduction to Construction Mathx
CoreN/A00103-15Introduction to Hand Toolsx
CoreN/A00104-15Introduction to Power Toolsx
CoreN/A00105-15Introduction to Construction Drawings
CoreN/A00106-15Introduction to Basic Rigging(optional)
CoreN/A00107-15Basic Communication Skillsx
CoreN/A00108-15Basic Employability Skillsx
CoreN/A00109-15Introduction to Material Handlingx


NCCER’s four-level curriculum covers topics such as Plumbing Tools, Types of Valves, and Potable Water Treatment.

CraftLevelModule IDModule TitleCredit
Plumbing102101-12Introduction to the Plumbing Professionx
Plumbing102102-12Plumbing Safetyx
Plumbing102103-12Tools of the Plumbing Tradex
Plumbing102104-12Introduction to Plumbing Mathx
Plumbing102105-12Introduction to Plumbing Drawings
Plumbing102106-12Plastic Pipe and Fittingsx
Plumbing102107-12Copper Pipe and Fittingsx
Plumbing102108-12Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings
Plumbing102109-12Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittingsx
Plumbing102110-12Introduction to Plumbing Fixturesx
Plumbing102111-12Introduction to Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Systems
Plumbing102112-12Introduction to Water Distribution Systemsx
Plumbing202201-13Plumbing Math Two
Plumbing202202-13Reading Commercial Drawings
Plumbing202203-13Structural Penetrations, Insulation, and Fire-Stopping
Plumbing202204-13Installing and Testing DWV Piping
Plumbing202205-13Installing Roof, Floor, and Area Drains
Plumbing202207-13Types of Valves
Plumbing202206-13Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping
Plumbing202208-13Installing Fixtures and Valves
Plumbing202210-13Basic Electricityx
Plumbing202209-13Installing Water Heaters
Plumbing202211-13Fuel Gas Systems
Plumbing302301-14Applied Mathx
Plumbing302312-14Sizing and Protecting the Water Supply System
Plumbing302303-14Potable Water Supply Treatment
Plumbing302305-14Types of Ventingx
Plumbing302306-14Sizing DWV and Storm Systems
Plumbing302307-14Sewage Pumps and Sump Pumps
Plumbing302308-14Corrosive-Resistant Waste Piping
Plumbing302309-14Compressed Air
Plumbing302311-14Service Plumbing
Plumbing402401-14Business Principles for Plumbers
Plumbing446101-11Fundamentals of Crew Leadership
Plumbing402403-14Water Pressure Booster and Recirculation Systems
Plumbing402404-14Indirect and Special Waste
Plumbing402405-14Hydronic and Solar Heating Systems
Plumbing402408-14Private Water Supply Systems
Plumbing402049-14Private Waste-Disposal Systems
Plumbing402410-14Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
Plumbing402411-14Plumbing for Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers
Plumbing402412-14Introduction to Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems

Sprinkler Fitting

NCCER’s four-level covers topics such as Copper Tube Systems, Stand Pipes and Fire Pumps.

CraftLevelModule IDModule TitleCredit
Sprinkler Fitting118101-13Orientation to the Tradex
Sprinkler Fitting118102-13Introduction to Components and Systems
Sprinkler Fitting118103-13Steel Pipe
Sprinkler Fitting118104-13CPVC Pipe and Fittingsx
Sprinkler Fitting118105-13Copper Tube Systemsx
Sprinkler Fitting118106-13Underground Pipex
Sprinkler Fitting218201-13Hangers, Supports, Restraints and Guides
Sprinkler Fitting218202-13General Purpose Valves
Sprinkler Fitting218203-13General Trade Math
Sprinkler Fitting218204-13Shop Drawingsx
Sprinkler Fitting218205-13Standard Spray Fire Sprinklers
Sprinkler Fitting218206-13Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems
Sprinkler Fitting218207-13Dry-Pipe Systems
Sprinkler Fitting318301-13Deluge/Preaction Systems
Sprinkler Fitting318302-13Standpipes
Sprinkler Fitting318303-13Water Supplies
Sprinkler Fitting318304-13Fire Pumps
Sprinkler Fitting318305-13Application-Specific Sprinklers and Nozzles
Sprinkler Fitting418401-13System Layout
Sprinkler Fitting418402-13Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
Sprinkler Fitting418403-13Special Extinguishing Systems
Sprinkler Fitting418404-13Introductory Skills for the Foreman
Sprinkler Fitting418405-13Procedures and Documentation

Additional Topics

Module credit can be earned within these different topics. Some of these modules are related to craft levels while others are standalone credentials.

Craft / TopicLevelModuleTitleCredit
Sustainable ConstructionN/A70101-15Your Role In the Green Environmentx
Safety TechnologyV575218-03Environmental Awarenessx